Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, The New York Giants Preservation Society has been having virtual meetings for the past few months. Generally we have in the past, had guest speakers 3-4 times a year, first at The Bergino Baseball Clubhouse, then at Finnerty’s. Since this for the time being is impossible, we have done the next best thing. Here is our illustrious group of speakers to date, with more to come!!

Noel Hynd-7/22/2020

Jaime Rupert-8/19/2020

Dan Taylor-9/2/2020

Ed Logan Jr.-9/9/2020

Chris Haft-9/23/20

Steve Treder-10/1/2020

Jon Miller-10/8/2020

Rob Garratt-10/15/2020

John Shea-10/22/2020

Bruce Jenkins-10/29/2020

Stew Thornley-11/5/2020

John Rosengren-11/12/2020

George Gregor-11/19/2020

If you would like to get in on our sessions, just contact me here!