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  1. Enjoyed the visit at the game last evening. Keep up the lablor of love you do. I have a photo or two I can send as well.

  2. Hi Gary

    It was nice meeting you in Cooperstown. Thanks for introducing me to so many people. This is a wonderful group and I look forward to participating.

  3. Although I now live in Illinois I was born in Queens, New York and was a die-hard
    New York Giant fan. I have many memories of the New York Giants beginning in 1947.
    And would like to become a member of the “preservation society”. I am also a member of SABR.

  4. My father and brothers were NY Giant fans. I first saw Willie Mays and Giants at Mayor’s Trophy Game, July 1961 at Yankee Stadium. 75,000 people were there to see Willie on a hot muggy night. The game was almost cancelled because of a summer downpour. A home run contest between Maris and Mantle, Mays and McCovey was cancelled. Great game with Giants winning!

  5. Hello,
    I’m very interested in joining your society.
    is there anything that you can tell me about membership, dues, get-togethers, etc.?
    I’ve just retired my San Francisco Giants 1983 “professional model” cap, that I purchased in 1984 from a dealer that had only a few of them from the team’s supplier.
    I bought it to celebrate both the end of my enlistment in the U.S. military, and surviving Reaganomics.
    I’ve replaced it last week, with an American Needle 1949 New York Giants replica, and I love it and have seen many doing a double take when I wear it, even when and where there are hundreds of others wearing their SF Giants hats and gear.
    This is my fourth Giant’s cap, my first being the elastic backed one, from Candlestick that I had when I was eleven, but I think THIS one’s the best!
    I saw Mays, McCovey, Marichal, Bonds, Kingman, and Maddox play…in person, and
    had my heart broken many, many times, seems to me; that’s part of being a San Francisco, or New York Giants fan. I wish I could have seen a game on Coogan’s bluff,
    taking the subway to and from.

    Thanks for any information

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