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  1. Enjoyed the visit at the game last evening. Keep up the lablor of love you do. I have a photo or two I can send as well.

  2. Hi Gary

    It was nice meeting you in Cooperstown. Thanks for introducing me to so many people. This is a wonderful group and I look forward to participating.

  3. Although I now live in Illinois I was born in Queens, New York and was a die-hard
    New York Giant fan. I have many memories of the New York Giants beginning in 1947.
    And would like to become a member of the “preservation society”. I am also a member of SABR.

  4. My father and brothers were NY Giant fans. I first saw Willie Mays and Giants at Mayor’s Trophy Game, July 1961 at Yankee Stadium. 75,000 people were there to see Willie on a hot muggy night. The game was almost cancelled because of a summer downpour. A home run contest between Maris and Mantle, Mays and McCovey was cancelled. Great game with Giants winning!

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