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  1. I think I may be the last of the NY Giants fans. (the youngest one)! I actually remember the announcement made on the TV in 1957. Not kidding. I was 5. Born on 04/22/52. Don’t ask me why it had an impact but my friends have always called me Sey Hey. The most important moment in my life was 3:58 pm 10/03/51 and I wasn’t even born.

  2. I have always been a Giants fan, even though they moved to California 57 years ago. Growing up away from NY, I came to idolize Mays, Bill White, Ronnie Samford, Ruben Gomez and Sam Jones, all of whom were winter baseball teammates along with Clemente and Zimmer. In my childhood there was no equal to the Giants and I am still left to wonder what would it be like having the Giants in NY to this day.

  3. I love the Giants….bit are too young to remember when they played in New York…but I enjoyed learning about the glory years. #24, the Say Hey Kid, Willie Mays, is my favorite player of all-time.

  4. For some reason and I really don’t know why, I don’t remember looking at this site before. Maybe I must have since I’ve been a member for a few years. I also joined the NY Baseball Giants Historical Society (and may still be) when the late Bill Kent was the Prexy.

    I traveled from my home in Austin, TX in Jan., 2011 for the big shindig at the NY Hilton when Willie and Buster, his wife, Brian Sabean and the then CEO (can’t remember his name) attended. No one traveled farther than me for that affair. Shortly before that, I got a tattoo over my heart of the Giants logo.

    I was born in the Bx and grew up on LI but my dad was born in Manhattan so he and I were rabid Jints fans, even after they moved. Willie was my hero and that’s why I still have ’24’ in my email address. I followed the Gmen out to SF 20 years after they left Gotham and went to many freezing games at the Stick and have several Croix de Candlestick pins. The memories I have from the PG, the Stick, the current stadium to be named (again) later, and 20 other ballparks are priceless. My wife, kids, and grandkids are avid Giants fans to and that makes me very happy.

    I certainly hope they ‘surprise some people’ like Boch said. They’ve been fun to watch so far. Did I mention how much I hate the Bums? Pardon my French, but Duck the Fodgers!

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