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    • Yes, Met Fan, this website is all Giants, all the time, and their reach extends into the present era as the Mets, descendants of the Giants in so many ways, remind us continually of a team and a time that are no more. That’s part of the magic of baseball, that its present is so connected to its past. The orange in the Mets’ uniforms is a tribute to the orange that the Giants sported in theirs; so rest assured, the Mets/Giants connection will be fully explored here and discussed many times over. You’re welcome to start the discussion anytime!

  1. Gary, just logging in/registering and saying hello. Look forward to seeing you and the NY crew on 6/26.

  2. The original NY GIANTS letters that were on top of the Polo Grounds were displayed before a Giants game in SF a few years ago. They are still around and would have been awesome to see again last night at AT&T

    • Mike, I think it was during 2004 season when they honored 1954 WS Champs for the final time as the NY Giants. I was at that game!-Gary

  3. Glad to read the NY Times article today about the Giants baseball players visiting the Giants old stomping grounds in New York. Question for New York Giants baseball fans: I was born in N.Y.C. a month after the Giants left town. I now live Sacramento, California and became a serious Giants fan around 2009.

    Now for my question for Gary and you NY Giants sports history fans–what do you think? Our Sacramento NBA basketball, the Sacramento Kings (the one time Rochester Royals), is on the verge of moving to Seattle and becoming the Seattle Supersonics. About 5 years ago the actual Seattle Supersonics moved to Oklahoma City and became the Oklahoma City Thunder. The plan in Seattle is to change the Kings into the Sonics and get back all the team records and their 1979 championship banner from Oklahoma City. That means that after 65 years the Kings/Royals will go into limbo until such time as Sacramento gets another NBA franchise (probably never). To me, and whatever my sports allegiances, this doesn’t sound right. One team cannot be transformed into another pre-existing team. It would be like the Boston Red Sox moving to Arkansas and becoming the Arkansas Travelers and then having the Mets move to Boston and become the Red Sox. Remember those amazing ’69 Red Sox? Who “really” won the ’86 Series? Do you NY Giants baseball fans agree that this doesn’t make any sense?

  4. How does one go about becoming a card-carrying member of the NY Giants Preservation Society. How much are membership dues?

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