AUGUST 15, 1951
With one out in the top of the eighth inning and a runner on third base in a 1-1 tied game‚ Willie Mays, running a full speed, makes an incredible catch of Carl Furillo’s drive to deep centerfield. After grabbing the ball, the rookie outfielder turns counterclockwise and throws a perfect strike to home to nail a surprised Billy Cox at home to complete the double play, and some believe, the catch, in the eventual Giants’ 3-1 Polo Grounds victory over the Dodgers, is the impetus for the beginning of the team’s incredible comeback from an 11.5 game deficit to win the National League pennant. (

4 thoughts on “THIS DATE IN NY GIANTS HISTORY: AUGUST 15, 1951

  1. The Westrum decoy at home helped as Cox never thought there was a throw coming…BUT never the less another in a never ending series of amazing plays by the greatest to ever wear a baseball unform..

  2. Willie could have sold peanuts in the stands between at bats – and guess what – he would have been the best. What a player!!! And an eye opener. As a young lad my parents and relatives would often ask what ball player would I like to be when I grew up and when I said Willie Mays – the eyes rolled!!!!!!!!

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