July 15, 1901
Christy Mathewson becomes the first rookie to throw a no-hitter in baseball history in the modern era. The 20-year old right-hander holds the Cardinals hitless in the Giants 5-0 victory at Robison Field in St. Louis.(

July 15, 1939
National League president Ford Frick orders two-foot screens affixed inside all foul poles after Billy Jurges of the Giants and umpire George Magerkurth spit at each other after a foul ball call down the left field line is disputed at the Polo Grounds. The American League will soon follow the Senior Circuit lead and will also install foul ball screens.(

1 thought on “THIS DATE IN NY GIANTS HISTORY: JULY 15, 1901 & 1939

  1. Memories of the Brush stairway: thanks for persistence effort to highlight this bit of Giant history. Seeing the pictures and reading the details took me back to 1947 and the trips my Dad and I took on the trolley(yes,there was a trolley)which dropped us off at the top of the stairway. I was going to a Jints ball game! My family has rooted for the team since the Polo grounds were used for polo and so living next to Buddy Kerr it was automatic that we supported the Giants. If I close my eyes I can almost see the vista of the Polo Grounds spread out below at the bottom of the stairway and in the distance the Yankee Stadium with the Harlem river in between. Going down was always easy
    . What with the excitement of a nine year old kid plus the sounds from center field and the crowds it was irresistable!
    Coming back after the game was harder since it was uphill -much easier however if the Jints had won and the Giant fight song was playing-
    ” were calling all fans,all you Giant ball fans”
    “come watch the home team going places ,round the bases”
    Funny, I can still hear it some 68 years later…..
    Periodically, my mom would be waiting at the head of stairway and we would all walk back home in Washington Heights……
    So, a staircase becomes a central part of a memory bank. Thanks to the teams,officials and New York City for preserving this link to the past and a special thanks to Gary and the Preservation Society for honoring and communicating these details so that I can share with my grandkids.

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