Last night, 1/18/2017, the NYGPS held its first meeting of the year with our gust speaker, author Dan Taylor. Dan co-authored a fabulous book on George Genovese, A Scout’s Report: My 70 Years in Baseball, and spoke about the book as well as his wishes about Genovese getting into the Hall of Fame in the future. Dan spoke for 50 minutes on everything having to do with both NY and SF Giants scouting, in particular Jack Schwarz and George Genovese in front of more than 2 dozen members of the NYGPS. Dan is truly a walking encyclopedia on Giants scouting, with unsurpassed knowledge and an amazing memory. Hearing him rattle off the names that Schwarz and Genovese brought to the Giants was truly a history lesson of some of the greats (or memorable) of the franchise. Those including: Mays, McCovey, Ken Henderson, Bobby Bonds, Matthews, Maddox, Jack Cark, Chili Davis, Jim Barr, George Foster, etc. He also went into details regarding the scouting department in general in regards to Marichal, Cepeda, and the Alou Bros. We thank Dan for a tremendous evening and also thank Jay Goldberg, for letting his house, The Bergino Baseball Clubhouse, http://www.bergino.com/
be our home base!!