MAY 30, 1921
The Eddie Grant Memorial, built in memory of a former Giants player killed in World War I, is dedicated at the Polo Grounds. The five-foot high monument is located at the base of the clubhouse wall in center field.(

1 thought on “THIS DATE IN NY GIANTS HISTORY: MAY 30, 1921

  1. Thank you, NYGPS, for remembering Captain Grant, whose heroism was real. Perhaps one day the Eddie Grant plaque, which disappeared from the Polo Grounds after the mêlée of fans overtook the field after the final out of the last game the Giants played there in 1957, will resurface, and the annual ceremony honoring Captain Grant’s ultimate sacrifice will resume at Citifield. In the meantime, it is up to us, members of the New York Giants Preservation Society, to keep his memory alive so others may continue to celebrate his life and pay tribute to his heroism. It is sacrifices like Eddie Grant’s, the first major league player to enlist during World War I and the first to be killed in action while trying to save his fellow soldiers in the Argonne Forest, that make us proud to be Americans.

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